Action Coin (ACTN) supported by McAfee


Finally and McAfee supported ACTN Project!

Lets remind everyone what is Action Coin about:

Action Coin (“ACTN”)

The Action Coin Platform now serves more than 1 million users (including over 12,000 businesses) from more than 200 countries and territories. Over 150 Brand Ambassadors represent our project in more than 50 countries. Their Ambassadors have in-depth, local knowledge of the Action Coin Platform, and they’re often found helping out on social networks.

action coin ACTN
action coin ACTN

A Blockchain is Born

After months of negotiations and careful consideration of our evolving blockchain needs, combined with long term plans for the Action Coin Platform in general, they decided that it would be in They’re the best interest to provide a private blockchain based on Nxt technology (an Nxt Clone). On March 1st, 2018, they officially launched the Action Blockchain Network, with 10 globally load-balanced nodes and a public-facing web wallet.

How it works:

For Vendors:

Vendors market and sell their products and services through the Action Coin Platform in exchange for Action Coin (“Action” or “ACTN”). It is up to the vendor to determine how much Action they are prepared to accept for their products or services (the suggested rate of exchange for deals on the Action Coin Platform is 1,000 ACTN for every $1 USD in value). They may choose to accept Action Coin for partial payment or full payment, but their choice and their terms of business must be clearly stated and explained within the description of their offer.

Example A:

Dickins Residence Lodge (SouthWest Cameroon) is offering a 10% Discount on a 1 night stay in their Presidential Suite for 20,000 Action. The balance (90,000 FCFA) is paid to the vendor upon check-in.

Example B:

Mediast Web Hosting (British Columbia, Canada) is offering a 100% Discount on 1 year of website hosting for 115,000 Action. No additional payment is required.

Vendors may use their Action Coin to obtain deals and discounts on a growing list of products and services offered by other Vendors. Vendors may also trade their ACTN for other cryptocurrencies, such as Bitcoin (BTC), Ethereum (ETH) and Bitcoin Cash (BCH). The price and liquidity of ACTN is determined on the Open MaMarket.

Token: Action, Action Coin/ACTN
Quantity: 10 Billion
Issuer: NXT-5F6V-G8RU-ZGV6-7XAXU

Action (ACTN) Distribution Plan

Bounties: 60% or 6 Billion Action
Reserved: 40% or 4 Billion Action

Official Token Distribution Starts: March 1st, 2018

Action Rewards:

Where 1 “Action” = $1 in Savings! Free to Join, Sign Up to Receive 100 Action today!

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actn rewards
actn rewards