Customer Service Specialist Shares One Of His All-Time Favorite Calls


Customers spit out a lot of stupid things, but on occasions rarer than the passing of the Halley’s Comet, they say something wonderful too. Ryan Shipley is one of those lucky customer service specialists who had the pleasure of having a nice conversation with a client, and it was so awesome, he decided to share it online.

Right from the beginning, he noticed this 73-year-old wasn’t a typical grandma. And sure enough! Ryan was talking to an elderly gamer who had to take care of a few… things before she could proceed with the call.

“I’ve worked off and on as a customer service rep for about 20 years,” Ryan told Bored Panda. “My conversations with customers are usually pretty relaxed, I believe in being conversational and not transactional. One customer service job I once worked at wanted us to be more transactional and I remember sitting with one of the reps during training, and he was talking to an elderly lady, who probably only speaks to an actual human once a week, she kept trying to strike up a conversation and he struck her down, I was annoyed by this and have always remembered that call, and try to make sure to be human on the call.”

This time, Ryan I didn’t understand most of what the grandma said, but he kept his cool and just kept jotting down references she made. Eventually, she got really comfortable and made the best of it.

“She seemed like a nice lady, but I had no idea where the call was headed!” Ryan added. “A lot of times friends don’t believe my stories until they sit next to me and hear me on calls, and then they realize that the stories are true.”

Ryan said that the internet reacted to their exchange in a totally positive way. “I’m currently working on a book compiled of my best customer service stories as well as the adventures riding with Lyft and Uber, so the reaction to this story is awesome, it’s letting me see that there is a market out there for my voice!”

Scroll down to check out what he and the grandma game had been talking about and tell us your thoughts in the comments.

Customer service specialist Ryan Shipley has had an experience his colleagues are probably very jealous of

Customer service specialist Ryan Shipley
Customer service specialist Ryan Shipley

Some people were skeptical of the whole thing

While others shared similar stories about elderly gamers

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