Energi Coin (NRG) price rising on Cryptopia-Bounty Program is still ON!


Energi Coin (NRG) is rapidly growing on Cryptopia! And it still has a bounty program! This is a good opportunity for investors because there is a big expectation that will all coin rise at the end of the year.

The bounty program is still open and You must be a citizen of the USA, Canada, the EU, Australia, or New Zealand in order to be eligible for the current rounds of the Energi Earndrop program. If you are, join the bounty here:

Bounty for ENERGI (NRG)

Let us remind you what Energi stands for:

Energi was started by Tommy World Power in summer 2017, born from Tommy’s clear understanding of the power and potential of well designed self-funding cryptocurrency organizations, powered by their inflation as funding, this concept is now starting to catch on, but was hardly discussed at the time. He made a video on this concept around the same time he started creating Energi as seen here. Over the past 5 years, Tommy has spent thousands of hours learning about the cryptocurrency space and its technologies from a very high-level perspective, originally in order to make good investments. However, Tommy recognized the enormous power behind what he could create, thus Energi was born.

energi (nrg)
energi (nrg)

Over its first year and until launch, Energi was primarily in a development phase and funded solely by Tommy. No money was raised by outside or public investors, and there was no ICO. Finally, after the concepts Tommy designed had been implemented, Energi launched on April 14th, 2018. Because of Energi’s incredibly strong foundational design, combined with very strong leadership, Energi is now growing rapidly and constantly seeking to add high-quality contributors to the team (see our Join our Team page if interested).

As of summer 2018, Energi has about 20 full-time contributors spread across Development, Operations, Marketing, HR, and Defense, and we are adding at least several new team members per month. We envision Energi growing to over 100 contributors within its first year of launch, and becoming a multi-thousand person organization in the coming years as we seek to become one of the most dominant cryptocurrency platforms in existence.

Cryptocurrency Made for World Adoption

1. What is Energi?
Energi is a self-funding cryptocurrency that has a purpose to reach the masses. The value proposition of Energi is that it will provide a very strong, self-funding treasury system which will eventually develop into a smart contract platform.

Energi will provide a small allocation to mining rewards and will take a bulk of the coin issuance and give it the treasury and master nodes. Energi will also allocate 10% on-going reward to the leadership of the Energi Backbone, which is significantly less compared to today’s ICOs’ rewarding their founders between 20–50% of the tokens distributed. Another trait that sets Energi apart from ICOs is they give an on-going 10% allocation through each block reward, rather than rewarding the founders up-front.

2. The Goal
Energi’s goal is to introduce and bring cryptocurrency to the masses. Energi intends to do this by first creating a strong foundation — having 40% of the total 1 million Energi released per month going towards the treasury system, which is 4x more than any other cryptocurrency currently (Dash, PIVX, and virtually every other cryptocurrency, most of which tend to only have a maximum 10% allocation to treasury).

This treasury is decentralized, and master nodes vote where to direct these funds. This allows Energi to pay developers and contributors, and as Energi grows, the treasury budget will grow to allow for more collaboration, leading to more growth, etc, a positive feedback loop. Additionally, Energi has a higher inflation rate as it encourages spending and reinvestment. Energi will seek to utilize all of its treasury budget month-to-month, especially after the first few months as it gets established and identify the highest value activities and the best contributors who are yielding the maximum return in value-added to the system, compared to the value spent. Energi will identify and encourage activities that bring the absolute greatest value back in return for what Energi spends. Energi’s philosophy is, every dollar reinvested into the system, will yield much more than a dollar of value back when invested appropriately with developers, the best marketing efforts, and other expenditures that expand our reach.